Weight Loss in Chiropractic Care

If you are experiencing back issues, joint pain or any other conditions that might bring you to a chiropractor, you may not expect your chiropractor to recommend a treatment plan that focuses on diet.

Dr. Ed discovered, over many years of practice, many conditions that patients develop are a result of their diet. Over 70% of the American population is overweight which leads to more stress on all the joints and disc in the body.

Simple deficiencies in vitamins or not having the correct enzymes in your body can contribute significantly to your condition. This can have a massive impact on your body’s hormonal balance as well.

At USA Sports Therapy, we aim to correct any existing dietary deficiencies to ensure your body is in peak condition for healing. Once your body is receiving the nutrition it needs, the real work and healing can begin.

We use a 6 day detox system that offers a gentle detox of the colon, kidney and liver. A high quality probiotic and meal replacement powder combined with a Mediterranean diet.

Patients have 1-2 shakes a day and 2 nutrient packed, Mediterranean meals a day. After the 6 days, patient continue with the Mediterranean diet and can use the meal replacement powder for breakfast or as a snack.

Functional Medicine & Weight Loss

At Kendall Disc Relief Center, functional medicine is something that you’ll hear very often.

Functional medicine is a method of practice that focuses on finding the underlying cause of something that’s happening. In many cases, you may go to a doctor and they’ll give you treatment for a symptom that might come back shortly after it’s been treated. This is because treating the symptom does not do anything to solve the problem that is causing that symptom to show up.

With weight loss, we use a similar approach. You can try every diet on the planet and not get any results because you’re not trying to solve the problem that is causing you to have the weight problem to begin with.

Even with weight loss, there can be many underlying issues which can be affected by your food intake, the type of nutrition you’re getting, vitamins, etc. Once we’re able to examine what might be keeping those pounds from coming off, we’ll be able to set up a nutritional plan to help put your body where it needs to be to be effective at burning that fat.